Everything you want to know about the Full Sleep Consult & Follow Up

The Full Consult is appropriate for infants 6 months of age or older up to preschoolers. The consult and approach is customized to the age and developmental needs of your child. If you are interested in a package for a baby under 6 months old, my Newborn Package is for you.

 Quick sign up:  Purchase the Full Consult here.

 Flexible scheduling: Most consults are held by phone in the late afternoon or evening and last between 60 and 90 minutes. Pick the consult time that works best for you and when you can give your child 2 to 3 weeks of consistency.

 Collaborative planning: You’ll get an email confirmation with a links to an intake form and to reading. Please complete both at least 24 hours before your consult. This will allow us both to prepare for our collaborative process of designing a personalized approach that respects your child’s needs and is in line with your parenting style.

“I really appreciated the documents Jess provided before we even had our phone
discussion and the overall theme of her giving us a spectrum of options to work with.”

 Personalized approach: You’ll be fully involved in your consult as we develop a plan that lays the foundation for healthy, independent sleep. We’ll address the sleep environment, day and nighttime schedule, and pre-sleep routines. Then we’ll tackle how to set limits around sleep with empathy, respect and resolve. The details of your plan will be provided to you in writing so need to take notes!

“She didn’t push on on any one approach, but catered the plan to what we felt comfortable with.”
“Jessica worked to understand our parenting style and the unique needs of our son.”
“She helped us tremendously as we negotiated and tried to figure out
which approach would work best for our child.”

 Comprehensive plan: You’ll receive a detailed yet easy-to-read plan with step-by-step instructions for implementing the plan we created together. You’ll also receive a link to a virtual log where you will track your child’s progress each day. Clients must begin their follow-up within 2 weeks of receiving the plan.

“The plan was incredibly informative. Not only did the plan provide custom details
for my child’s sleep, but it also including many details
surrounding healthy sleep that are essential for parents-to-be.”

 Judgement-free, positive vibes: I will check in on your log once a day to provide input on your progress, suggest adjustments, and answer your questions. I’ll be there to help keep you on track, hold you accountable, and celebrate all the wins. If during our follow-up period you’d like to hear my voice, we can set up a phone check in at no additional charge.

“The virtual log was amazing. It was so nice to not only have a place
to write down what was going on with our child but to have it shared with
Jess and her ability to answer questions right away was great.”

“She was really great about checking and responding to our log.
It was reassuring and helped us stay on track and adjust our approach as needed.”

 In-home support: Most families do not need to purchase additional in-home support because my goal is to work with you to develop a plan that you can be comfortable implementing. There are some parents who do desire additional in-person support at night. For those families, I am happy to connect you with postpartum doulas who provide in-home support day and night.

 Results: At the end of our time together you will receive an email with what your next steps should focus on. You will also receive a handout explaining the next sleep milestones you should look out for and tips for the future. Over 95% of my clients see their child’s sleep improve. But most importantly, you will have the skills and confidence to be able to meet your child’s sleep needs.

“We went from feeling nervous and powerless at bedtime to
feeling empowered, knowledgeable, and confident that we would be able to
help our baby sleep well through the night.”

 Graduate benefits: Once your child has completed a Full Consult, you never need to purchase a Full Consult for him or her again. If you encounter setbacks, you have access to my Refresher Package and Punch Pass Email Consults, reserved just for graduates. Your family also receives 10% off purchases of Full Consults for future children or as gift certificates for family or friends.

“I feel so much more in sync with my baby now
which makes me confident in his sleep but also more confident as a mother.”
“I honestly feel like a better parent. And to me, that’s priceless!”

If you still have questions about the Full Consult, please feel free to contact me and I’d be more than happy to schedule a complimentary call to explore further.