NEW: Bye-Bye to Baby Sleep Battles
Group Sleep Consult with Jessica Begley, MPH, CLC
Online through Zoom
7:30 – 9:00 PM
$50 per family
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***Next date: January 27th! Are you exhausted even thinking about bedtime? This webinar is for parents of babies ages 6 months through 24 months (crib sleepers) who are finally ready to address their family’s sleep battles but are not sure where and how to start. We’ll start by exploring the foundation for healthy sleep, sleep as a developmental milestone, and how you can raise a strong independent sleeper. We’ll then discuss two evidence-based techniques to build independent sleep and reduce night wakings, one that is slow and gentle and one that is faster and efficient. Both techniques are breastfeeding friendly and support age appropriate night feedings. Attendees will have the option to buy a 5 Punch Pass for email support at 50% off to use as they implement the strategies we discuss.

Helping Your New Baby Sleep
Webinar with Jessica Begley, MPH, CLC
$15 per family
12:00 – 1:00 PM 
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***Next date: February 26th! It’s no surprise that having a newborn means little sleep! But there are things you can do to help keep your family well-rested. In this webinar, expecting parents and parents of babies up to 6 months old will learn how to establish healthy sleep habits from the start, including:

  • Maximizing sleep in newborns
  • Helping your baby learn day from night
  • Age appropriate schedule
  • Preventing the dreaded “4 month sleep regression”
  • Creating a safe sleep space that protects and promotes sleep

Class Testimonials:
“Good information, multiple approaches to try.”
“Practical information that I will definitely use!”
“Very energetic. A lot of valuable information.”