Full Consult

The is package is especially designed for parents who are exhausted by their baby or child’s sleep patterns and looking for comprehensive help. You’ll get a step-by-step plan designed to meet the unique needs of your family, and daily encouragement and accountability to see results. Three package options are available to meet the developmental needs of your child: Small Sleepers, Little Learners, and Mini Movers.

Your Investment:

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Package Options

Small Sleepers

for infants 4 to 5 months
Sleep is still developing in young infants and the focus is on approaches that shape sleep gently and naturally. Readiness for independent sleep varies at this age, so flexible follow-up options are available.

Little Learners

for infants 6 to 24 months
Older infants are developmentally ready to adjust to new routines and learn self-settling skills, making this an optimal age to establish healthy sleep habits and independent sleep.

Mini Movers

for kids 2 to 4 years
Moving to a big kid bed can lead to new sleep challenges in toddlers and preschoolers. This option for kids transitioning or out of the crib will create rules and routines to get and stay on track.

Included in the Full Package

60-90 Minute Phone Consult
Each consult is fully customized to your family and child’s developmental needs, but usually covers:

  • Sleep needs and an age-appropriate schedule
  • Optimizing the sleep environment
  • Sleep routines that foster independent sleep
  • Setting limits with respect, respect, and resolve
  • Addressing night wakings and night feedings (as appropriate)
  • Engaging the child in the new routine and rules (as appropriate)
Customized Sleep Plan
No need to take notes during your consult. You’ll get a written plan that:

  • Details the most important aspects of your consult
  • Is easy-to-read, unlike the many sleep books on your shelf
  • Outlines what to do and when, so there is less guessing involved
Follow-Up Support
What makes this approach more successful than reading a book or website is follow-up support:

  • Access to an online virtual log to track progress and see trends
  • Help adjusting your child’s schedule or modifying our approach
  • 2 weeks of daily check-ins to hold you accountable and boost your confidence
Graduate Tip Sheet
You’ll stay one step ahead with a tip sheet on :

  • Future sleep needs and sample schedules by age
  • Navigating nap transitions
  • Surviving sleep regressions
Graduate Benefits
Full Consult Gradates get special access and discounts:

  • Graduate-only access to the 5-Pass Punch Card for follow-up questions over the next 6 months
  • Graduate-only access to the Refresher Package for support tackling regressions or nap transitions
  • 20% off Full Consults for siblings or gift certificates

The Baby Sleep Geek Approach

Fully Customized
Every baby and family is different, and so is every consult.

Training in pediatric sleep, a master’s degree in health behavior change, and attention to scientific research ensure you see results.

Online scheduling and virtual consults mean you never have to change out of your yoga pants.

I know sleep, but you know your family. We’ll work hand-in-hand to meet your family’s needs and parenting philosophy.

Positive Vibes
No more mommy (or daddy) guilt. This is a shame-free, confidence-boosting space.