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Meet Amelia Poppe, MAT

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

With my twins, sleep was all I thought about…
My first child just fell into his schedule easily and I just assumed it would be the same with my twins.  I was wrong and by the time they turned 4 months old I was at the end of my rope.  I didn’t sleep, leave the house, or shower. I had extreme anxiety every time I turned on the baby monitor. Having twins was not double as hard as having one newborn; it was one hundred times as hard. Someone suggested I call a sleep consultant for help. Not only did my twins start sleeping through the night, but I felt the passion to help other tired parents.   

A sleep consultant changed my life and lit a spark in me…
I became so interested in learning about sleep that I enrolled in the Family Sleep Institute to become a sleep consultant.  My background is in child development and education and I have taught and worked with children for as long as I can remember.  Taking my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education one-step further and teaching families to help their children was a natural extension of my skills. My goal is to work with you as an individual; I will listen to you, address your concerns, be your support and provide knowledge and guidance to help get you sleeping again!