Services for Groups and Professionals

You Lost Me At Colostrum
Health Literacy and Clear Counseling: Effective Communication for Breastfeeding’s Benefit
The BEST Connection
May 11th and 12th
Seasons Event and Conference Center
Portland, ME

Join Jessica Begley, MPH, CLC at The BEST Connection conference to explore more how low health literacy impacts affects breastfeeding and your practice as a lactation professional. Participants will learn best practice communication tools from the AHRQ’s Health Literacy Universal Precautions Tool Kit and practice using plain language, plain language design for print communication, and teach-back for effective teaching.

Jessica is also available to present or provide customized training to:

  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Residents and Medical Students
  • Childcare Providers
  • Case Workers and Social Workers
  • Home Visitors
  • Local parent and support groups
  • Parenting and professional conferences

All Jessica’s presentations and trainings:

  • Are built on evidence-based information
  • Support the breastfeeding relationship
  • Respect the wide array of parenting philosophies

If you are interested in having Jessica speak with your group, please contact us to discuss opportunities and pricing.