Less than 50% of people succeed at meeting their New Year’s Resolutions. It’s not for lack of effort or laziness. It’s because reaching goals is both an art and a science and we simply aren’t that good at it. One of my strengths as a sleep consultant that sets me apart from many of my colleagues is that I have been trained in health behavior change and can help your family successfully reach your sleep-related resolutions.   

Setting Goals that are SMART
When you set goals that are too loft, vague, or not measurable, you start right off with a goal that you are unlikely to meet. If it’s too lofty, you set yourself up for failure. If it’s not measurable, you won’t know when you’ve reached success.  I will help you set SMART goals:  

S is for Specific– Let’s nail down exactly what is causing your family’s sleep problems and what behaviors we need to change to improve them. 
Examples: Is it a schedule that doesn’t meet your baby’s biological sleep needs? Or is it inconsistent nighttime parenting routines?  

M is for Measurable– What exactly will success look like for your family and how will we know when we are there? 
Examples: Is it reducing night wakings to one per night? Is it at least one nap of over an hour each day?  

A is for Attainable– What changes can we reasonably expect your family to make, given your current priorities and lifestyle? 
Examples: Is it possible to have an early bedtime every night? Should we help your child to learn to sleep in places other than home?  

R is for Realistic– Are our expectations realistic, given your baby or child’s age and development? 
Examples: Can your baby drop all night feedings or should we keep one to help with his growth and your supply? Are we expecting your child to nap when he doesn’t need the day sleep?  

T is for time-sensitive– When will we implement these changes and when do we expect to see results? 
Examples: When will you implement your first changes? When will we implement the full plan? Should we go slow or full speed ahead?  

Taking the First Step 
Setting SMART goals isn’t enough. Now we have to implement! I know being sleep deprived makes putting one foot in front of the other harder. You’ll get a plan that clearly states the actions you’ll take to meet your goals in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand format.  

When You Fall Off the Wagon
With less than 50% off people reaching their resolutions, it’s to be expected you’ll encounter a blip that bumps you off the wagon. With my follow-up support, I will be right there holding you accountable and being your cheerleader. If we discover that our goals don’t meet the SMART criteria anymore, I can walk you through readjusting so that even if you fall, you can get right back up.  

Don’t Wait!
It is never too early or too late to help your family sleep well. The result will leave you a more respectful, empathetic, and present parent. There is nothing like kissing your baby or child goodnight and seeing them roll over and settle in peacefully and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped them get there. Sign up for the Full Consult and this could be the reality for your family in 2019!  

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